6th October, 2022: Network meeting of Middle Saxon companies in Freiberg, with District Administrator Dirk Neubauer: The presentation of our company in terms of vision, innovation and sustainability was well received. RPE took 1st place in the company ranking and was awarded a winning tree.

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3 min time to introduce our company                     Energy efficiency and sustainability with infrared from RPE


The new store oven ITES by WP Riehle, based on IR.C, is both for thawing and final baking pretzels, pizzas, sandwiches and other snacks. At the IBA fair 2015 ITES was awarded the IBA Trophy.

More about ITES ...

Article "ready to bake with a new infrared"
baking + biscuit 06/2015, S. 46 f www.brotundbackwaren.de,

The RPE.InfraTherm GmbH is a company of SPS Group GmbH Dresden.
With the Group, we are taking an important step towards future technologies.

Link: www.sps-group-dresden.de